TJ Rinoski

Designer, Illustrator, Artist, Co-Founder Skinny Dipper Magazine

My name is TJ Rinoski.  I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist based out of Richmond VA. Also, I am the co-founder and solo designer behind Skinny Dipper Magazine and Skinny Dipper Studios. This past year, I quit my full time design job to focus on growing Skinny Dipper Magazine. In between designing and promoting Skinny Dipper I freelance design for a variety of individuals and small businesses. Furthermore, for the past 6 months I have been assisting the creative direction at Helm and Hue. Scroll down to view some of my projects and art highlights. Click on an image to learn more 

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Project List

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WeWork Mural Install 

Mural Installation

WeWork asked me to install a mural at their new location on University of Maryland's campus. It took us two days to paint the geometric beauty.

Skinny Dipper Mag: Illustrations


I am the designer/artist behind Skinny dipper Mag and for Issue Two I wanted to integrate a different style for each feature. In the gallery below you will see illustrations using multiple mediums including color pencil, ball point pen, brush pen, and oil pastel. 


Skinny Dipper Mag: Issue Two

Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design

Skinny Dipper Magazine is an independent print publication that inspires others embrace vulnerability and tackle the hard questions together. We do this by using art and adventure to explore issues in society and the environment.

I spent most of 2018 taking photos, gathering content, and designing Issue Two. My partner and I are proud to say we raised $10,000 on Kickstarter for the print run.

Skinny Dipper Mag: Issue One

Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design

I am the co-founder and designer behind Skinny Dipper Mag. Skinny Dipper Magazine is an independent print publication that inspires others embrace vulnerability and tackle the hard questions together. In 2017 we raised $7,000 for our first print run and sold out in the first 6 months. 


Skinny Dipper Mag: Promotions

 Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration

I am the co-founder and designer behind Skinny Dipper Mag. For our events and fundraising cycles my copy writing partner and I strategized each ad campaign to  maximize attendance and participation. 

Pine and Petal 

Visual Identity, Illustration

Pine and Petal is a floral arrangement company located in Westerly, Rhode Island. I created their brand identity crafting two logo marks and designing multiple lockups to be used on platforms ranging from print to web. 


Academy of Rock 

Visual Identity, Illustration

The Academy of Rock Music (AoRM) is a music performance program that places students into a rock band, provides top-notch music theory and instruction, and gets them playing in front of popular venues across Hampton Roads. AoRM reached out to me to elevate their visual identity, knowing well that their clients especially base purchase decisions off first impressions from business cards, websites, brochures, and other visual elements.

Fabling Built 

Visual Identity, Illustration

Fabling Built is a Richmond-based home improvement and construction group that came to me hoping to distinguish themselves from the bland imagery of the corporate construction industry. We worked closely with the owner to create a visual identity that conveys the professional creativity with which Fabling enters and transforms each home or space. After all, you wouldn’t trust someone with an ugly logo to build a beautiful kitchen.



Visual Identity, Illustration

Easterly, combining Virginia's sporting heritage with a tendency for tinkering, repurposes used shotgun shells as car outlet chargers. With a limited portfolio of products, the founders of Easterly needed a standout visual presence to hold the attention of its customers. I worked together to design a visual identity that effectively communicates product information while stimulating further curiosity.

Lazy Grey

Visual Identity, Illustration

I refreshed the identity for Lazy Grey, an RVA-based app and development firm. Here's a look at some of our concept sketches, the final logo, and business cards we produced.

Rain Sounds

Graphic Design, Illustration

Dysfunctional Ron is a hip hop artist located in Atlanta Georgia. He came to me asking for a for an album cover. He gave me full creative freedom and I designed a cut out collage pulling from random rain ads, marijuana patches, and Ron's personal selection of children photos. 

Maganda Pa


Maganda Pa is a vintage resale company based out of New York City. Patiricia, the founder, asked me to illustrate one of her models for a tote bag. We are now using this illustration to construct a full brand identity coming soon. 

Classified Moto

Illustration, Painting Commission

Danik, from Classified Moto, asked me to design and paint his dog on his motorcycle. This is the final product. 


Illustration, Product Design

Nesta is an up-and-coming ocean indie band that plays to sold-out shows in the Richmond area. In a music industry and culture that increasingly relegates bands to online platforms and playlists, Nesta realized the power of visual marketing as a differentiating factor and approached me to help create content, design merchandise, and steer their visual identity.


First Family Blanket

Illustration, Product Design

First Family is an event group based in Washington D.C. They commissioned me to design a blanket that they auctioned off at an event.